Thursday, 11 February 2010

"damp & cold but such great fun".........

Hi! i am not sure if we were brave or just mad,
it was such a LOVELY walk in the woods.
With lots of chit chat,photo tips(thank you )
and laughter.
Which i think scared off all of the wildlife
as we didn't see a thing.
In the lovely photo
we have from left > right-
Nicola,Fleur,Avril,Amanda,Debbie and me.
You are probably thinking where are the other 3, well
Chris,Bridgette and Joyce just couldn't leave that crafty table.
thanks,take care.
see you soon,Lou.xx


Nicola said...

Nice photo but I hate me in the picture I look enormous but I had my hands in my pocket pushing out my coat. ( Although I am no size 8!!!) As mentioned before it was a great weekend and can't wait to do it again. Nicky

Debbie said...

I love this photo Lou, mainly because I don't look too bad in it. I love the composition...Oooo losten to me!!! But really I do, it's a lovely natural shot of all of us. Gotta have a copy. Saw your Nick today for a chat at VH. Hope to see you all again soon. Take care,
Hugs Debbie xxxx

Fleur said...

LOVE IT. Fabulous, MUST have a couple of copies. See you soon Hugs Fleur xXx

chris said...

Work it baby, work it,Oh no that was the 3 of us left doing the work! This is a lovely picture I wish I had come now, it would have been nice to have us all on. got an idea lets do it all again !!!!

Bridgette said...

..... this is just lovely - like Chris said it would have been so nice for us all to be in the piccy - but next time, promise - such lovely memories to treasure 'til then - big hug Bxxx

Sir Stampalot said...

what a brilliant photo. Looks like you guys definitely had lots of fun. I still haven't seen any evidence any of you lot actually did any crafting. How many bottles of wine DID you go through??
- janicex

Jill said...

LOVE the compostition of this photo! I just stumbled across your blog-pure eye candy! :-)


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